Products for parents on the go
Innovative products that make traveling with kids a breeze.
By Margot Black

Before I was a parent, I prided myself on being able to travel the world with just one small suitcase. Well, my friends, it appears those days are long gone. Fortunately, it’s still possible to travel, especially now that I’ve unearthed a few products to make it all just a little bit easier. These days, I’m a big fan of anything and everything that is portable, washable and encourages sleep. Here are a few of my recent picks. Hope they help you, too. And happy travels!

Ride On Carry On by R&D Innovative Product Design Inc.
Called the Ride On Carry On this product is an inventive solution to the challenge of getting through security with strollers, handbags, baby and only two hands. Invented by a flight attendant/mom, this chair attaches to your existing wheel luggage, converting it to a travel stroller for children aged one to five. The headrest doubles as a handy tray table for playing and eating. The chair simply folds flat on the front of your luggage to store conveniently in the overhead bin. Upon arrival, the chair pops open, your child jumps in and away you go.
Available at:
Price: $39.95

Car Seat Cover by EmmaLu, LLC
I love this product! It’s a waterproof, removable car seat cover. Any traveling parent knows how dirty the car seat can get and usually getting the manufacturer’s car seat cover on and off is a time-consuming hassle. These swank and fashionable car seat covers easily slip on and off, give you a waterproof cover, protect your original car seat (or give your tired ugly one a whole new look) and best of all – are super easy to keep clean. Hallelujah!
Available at:
Price: $69.99

My Baby Float by Intex
We used this little blow up tube to put our nine-month-old son in the pool for the first time and it worked wonderfully! He loved it and so do we! It’s easily inflatable and priced just right. There’s a tiny criss-cross seat inside so that your baby won’t fall out and un-inflated, it folds right up to pack away. We blew it up in three minutes and it provided enormous fun. That’s my little son pictured in the middle.
Available at:
Price: $9.95

Ergonomic Diaper Bag for Dad
This is a super-groovy diaper bag for dads! My man has one and I’m pretty darned proud. Guys hate carrying a woman’s flowery bag. Want him to change his share of diapers? Get him a bag he wants to carry. The Diaper Dude camouflage-style bag does the trick. Ergonomic, across-the-chest design is perfect for parents with their hands full, plus it has an adjustable, comfy wide strap and lots of pockets. Changing mat included, baby extra.
Available at:
Price: $70.00

My NapPak
My NapPak is a portable child’s nap mat and is perfect for preschool, daycare, traveling and for sleepovers at family and friends’ houses. Personalization is an option and makes it extra special. The “pak” is very light (2lbs), so kids can easily carry it. A great sleeping bag for young children. I like the idea of being able to carry it with you so it makes nap time not only continuous while traveling (essential for parents) but something to even look forward to. Could just be the tired parent in me talking, but I’m a fan of almost anything that encourages kids to sleep.
Available at:
Price: $39.99, $49.99 personalized

Sea Turtle & Fish Sunshade
I like using this sunshade because our family of three fits perfectly into it. It’s ideal for the beach, easy to carry and provides ample shade. It folds up into a surprisingly small circle but takes considerable practice to figure out how to get it into its portable size. I recommend you practice your folding skills before you hit the beach. You’ll thank me later.
Available at:
Price: $39.95

BedBugz ToddlerCoddler
BedBugz are inflatable bedrails that work without a boxspring. It attaches to any size mattress to make an on-the-go bed snug and comfy. Great for bunk beds and RV travel.
Available at:
Price: $34.99 – $39.99

Buckle-Pals Seatbelt Strap Holders by Little Bumble Baby LLC
Buckling a child in his car seat can have its challenges, especially when they’re all wiggles and often don’t want to be buckled in. Buckle-Pals conveniently holds seatbelt straps aside while a child is seated in his car seat or highchair, so every time you put your child in, you are immediately ready to go.
Available at:
Price: $11.99 per two-pack

Tattoos With a Purpose
Lost and Found Temporary Tattoos are a fun and novel way to make sure your child always knows how to find his or her way back to you. Hopefully, they’ll never get lost, but this gives parents great peace of mind while traveling. Great for school trips and amusement parks too.
Available at:
Price: $1.29 – $9.99

Portable Parenting Package
I like the idea of giving kids rewards for good behavior and this package has a handy pocket of stars for you to dole out for good behavior. Hopefully, you won’t need to use the Time Out mat, but just in case you need a good dose of Nanny 911, you’ve got it on hand. For those of you who fear temper tantrums or bad behavior while traveling, this is a simple (and portable) way to remain consistent with your discipline technique anytime, anywhere!
Available at:
Price: $19.99

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